About Your Hotel Arrivals and Departures

Please read for a seamless island arrival and hotel departure experience.

Honolulu Arrivals and Hotel Transfers:

When you arrive at the baggage claim area, be on the lookout for people holding Hang Ten For Hawaii signs. After collecting your luggage from the carousel, follow the Hang Ten signs to your waiting transportation. Keep in mind that only qualifiers and their one guest (18 years of age or older), as their names are listed on Primerica's airport transfer manifest, are eligible for Primerica's hosted transportation. Multiple guests and children are not allowed on any Hang Ten For Hawaii transportation.

Your hotel is a short 20 to 30-minute ride from Honolulu International Airport. You'll be dropped off at the Grand Islander Bus Depot. Upon arrival, each driver will remove your luggage from the vehicle. If you arrive before the hotel's 3:00 pm check-in time, you can either leave your luggage with the bell stand at the front entrance until your room is ready or bring it with you to the Tapa Tower ballroom where registration is taking place. Remember to keep valuables with you and not in any stored luggage.

Hotel Departures on February 23 and 27, 2024

Departures: On February 23 and February 27, your hotel transportation will depart from the Grand Islander Bus Depot. Throughout the week, keep an eye out for DEPARTURE POSTERS indicating our hotel departure airport shuttle schedules. Find your departing flight and its corresponding hotel departure time.

Bring yourselves and your luggage to the Grand Islander Bus Depot at least 30 minutes before your hotel departure time to allow for baggage loading and a smooth departure experience. As a reminder, only pre-listed attendees and their guests are allowed on Primerica's scheduled airport shuttles; no children or additional passengers will be permitted to join you.

Upon reaching Honolulu International Airport, your driver will once again unload everyone's luggage from the vehicle's luggage compartment. You will then be directed to the airport's terminal and airline check-in area. Follow the signs to your designated airline.

Please be aware that all checked bags must go through one of the airport's agricultural inspection stations before they can be accepted by your airline for travel. No unapproved plants or fruits will be allowed to travel with you. 

Aloha and A hui ho!